v2.2 SOTI Identity Release Notes November 13, 2021

Release Highlights

Streamlined User and Role Management for SOTI Connect

With SOTI Connect version 2.2 and later, scheduled to be released later this month, customers can now manage roles and modify role assignment from SOTI Connect. However, SOTI Identity retains the ability to assign SOTI Connect user roles when managing access.

In addition, when access to SOTI Connect is granted via SOTI Identity, the user or user group details are automatically provisioned in SOTI Connect.

Microsoft Authenticator as an MFA

Customers can now use Microsoft Authenticator as one of the multi-factor authentication (MFA) options along with already existing options of Email, Duo and Google Authenticator.

General Improvements

  • Users can now be assigned to groups from the Group listing view
  • ‘Staged’ users can be created and then activated at a later point, based on requirements
  • Archived logs now display progress tracking while downloading

2.2.1 on January 15, 2022