v2.3 SOTI Identity Release Notes August 06, 2022

Release Highlights

Streamlined User and Role Management for SOTI MobiControl

With SOTI MobiControl 15.6 and later, customers can now manage roles and modify role assignment from SOTI MobiControl. SOTI Identity also still retains the ability to assign SOTI MobiControl user roles when managing access and when access to SOTI MobiControl is granted via SOTI Identity, the user or user group details are automatically provisioned in SOTI MobiControl.

For existing users, standard SOTI Identity roles will be removed, and granular permissions will be provided in SOTI MobiControl against those roles.

Note: Customers with on-premises installations of SOTI MobiControl 15.6 or later must open a port for SOTI Identity to ensure communication between products.

Temporary Support Account

Customers can now grant SOTI support staff access to their environment for a specified duration of time to provide assistance. Customer support users can access the client tenants through their own support tenant credentials and all actions are logged to maintain security.

Behavior Detection

Administrators can now set up policies to store the login time and location of users, that can then be compared with last login details to enforce multifactor authentication in case of any deviations.

General Improvements

  • Archived logs now display progress tracking while exporting
  • Calendar/Date Selection improvements to filter logs

Learn more about using these new features with What's New in SOTI Identity Online Help.