v13.3.0 iOS Agent Release Notes March 11, 2020

Release Highlights

Dark Mode Support

With this release, the iOS device agent now supports Dark Mode on devices running iOS 13.0 or later. The iOS device agent matches the Dark (or Light) mode that is applied system-wide.

Bug Fixes

MCMR-19260 The remote viewing notification was not displayed when pressing the Remote View Status indicator on iOS 13 devices
MCMR-19851 Replaced device name with device ID in the filename of the debug report
MCMR-19933 Push notifications are used to report connection errors in a multi-server scenario
MCMR-19946 User was asked for Active Directory credentials even though device was enrolled using password credentials
MCMR-19990 Minor changes were made to consent text to clarify use and collection of data
MCMR-19993 Agent did not automatically connect to SOTI MobiControl after enrolling using the Enrollment ID method
MCMR-20415 User was asked for LDAP credentials when launching the agent for the first time after enrolling using Automated Device Enrollment (DEP).
MCMR-21764 Agent failed to connect to SOTI MobiControl when starting a Remote Screen Sharing session