v15.1 Linux Agent Release Notes November 20, 2020

Download the generic Linux device agent from the SOTI MobiControl Device Agent Downloads page

Resolved Issues

MC-89421 No proper log entry appeared when an agent tried to reconnect while the network was down
MC-100248 Linux Distribution-specific commands needed to be replaced with generic APIs
MC-104190 After re-enrollment, the Certificates profile was left in the “pending Install” state
MC-105713 After logging into a device via Remote Control, black screen appeared
MC-108832 The DLT-V72 enrollment failed when it was established using installation scripts
MC-110826 An “HTTP unexpected operator” error message appeared in logs when user tried to enroll via the enrolment URL
MC-112013 The “Out of Contact” event was triggered with a delay of 4-5 seconds
MC-112674 Memory leaks occurred when no configuration was applied
MCMR-23472 Screenscape devices were getting disconnected and reconnected when the Deployment server settings changed