v15.2.1 macOS Agent Release Notes July 11, 2022

Release Highlights

Conditional Access for Microsoft 365 Apps

You can now conditionally grant or deny access to Microsoft 365 apps and other apps that use Azure AD authentication on macOS devices. This feature is supported as of SOTI MobiControl 15.5.2.

Enhanced Support for Script Execution

The Send Script feature has been upgraded to allow you to execute multi-line scripts from the web console. The agent is now able to distinguish the built-in script functions from macOS script commands, allowing you to integrate both SOTI MobiControl and macOS scripts as part of the same execution. This feature is supported as of SOTI MobiControl 15.5.2.

Dynamic Build Number for macOS Agent

The Build Number for the macOS agent is now dynamic and automatically increments with each new build.

Resolved Issues

MC-145611 Agent Enrollment endpoints passed requests without first validating the IdP
MCMR-31131 Mandatory packages were not automatically installed in the background and required user intervention

15.2.0 -- March 1, 2022

Release Highlights

Universal SOTI MobiControl Agent for macOS Devices

The SOTI MobiControl Agent can now be installed on macOS devices with Apple Silicon processors without the need for Rosetta 2 software, and on macOS devices with Intel processors.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-30307 MobiControl would attempt to reinstall an app if it detected a version currently installed was different than the version in App Policy