v15.5.0 SOTI Surf Release Notes February 03, 2022

Important Notes About this Release

As of this release SOTI Surf Android is only supported on devices with Android OS 4.2 or higher.

Release Highlights

Changes to Document Storage (SOTI Surf Android)

Due to changes in Android 11, file downloads are now allowed only under the public folder (/Download/). When upgrading from an earlier version of SOTI Surf, previously downloaded files will be moved from Surf’s internal document storage to the /Download folder.

Allow Popups and JavaScript (SOTI Surf iOS)

With this update, any website opened in Surf iOS is now able to run JavaScript and open pop-ups.

Resolved Issues

MCMR-28671 Users were not prompted to select an authentication certificate when revisiting certain websites
MCMR-28729 Web applications that used Base64 encoding for application data were not loading